Free CCTV camera survey for each drain jet clean

At London City Drains we’re offering a free cctv camera survey of your drain or sewer, with every jet clean.

cctv drain and sewer surveys in London

The CCTV drain survey will give you a detailed look at the inside of your drains – our drainage engineer can run through an assessment of the condition, the best way to avoid any future problems. Free of charge!!

The following terms and conditions apply:

* Terms and conditions for free CCTV Camera Survey.

1) Not valid for business, commercial or industrial.

2) Jet cleaning minimum 2 hours.

3) Adequate access required to insert camera.

4) Written report and DVD not included. This is available if required, at a charge.

5) Pipe diameter minimum 4 inch, maximum 6 inch.

6) The offer is only valid while the engineer is on site undertaking the jet clean and not after.

Drains cleared fast – customer review

Here’s a recent review from a London City Drains customer:

“I recently called out City Drains and was pleasantly surprised at the speed in which they responded, 21 minutes!

Furthermore, they demonstrated a professional attitude at all times and were very thorough in their work. At the end of the jet clean they went so far as to carry out a cctv survey of the drain, free of charge! just to make sure the job was completely done.

Their rates are fair and I have received a more than adequate service. Well done boys!”

London Drainage cctv survey – blocked drain due to kinked pipe

Drainage London | CCTV Drain survey footage – London Drainage Service

We’ve added a report of a recent drainage survey to the City Drains London website.

In this example we inspected a 4 inch PVC drain pipe at a house in London – the customer was suffering a blocked drain which needed immediate attention. 

London drainage inspection service

The cctv drain survey showed that the blocked drain was caused by a kinked pipe which caused water retention and flooding.

Drain repair was possible by excavating the blocked pipe, and realigning the drain to the correct angle, allowing the drain to flow freely and preventing any futher drain blockages.

You can see the full cctv drain survey footageplus the drain schematic and drainage service report by visiting the London drain inspections page on our website.

London Drain Surveys: Drain Pipe Sewer Tracing

London City Drains are now pleased to offer their clients, in line with their other services, drain pipe sewer tracing for both foul water and surface water drains.

Using state of the art Sonde Tracers and CCTV drain surveys, City Drains can give you an accurate picture of the condition and location of the problem at hand.

Cctv drain survey and tracing London

“Pinpointing the exact location of the problem or locating a buried drain or manhole so as to deal with the problem effectively and thereby saving the customer time, stress and money”

If your drain requires tracing, call City Drains now on 0800 007 5309 to arrange for an appointment or free estimate.

Video of offset blocked drain – London drain inspection survey

Here’s another movie of a blocked drain London City Drains cctv survey.

In this example our London drain engineer was making a cctv survey of a 4 inch diameter earthenware/cast iron drain at a home in London.

As the cctv survey footage shows, the drain is misaligned, meaning the section of drain pipe must be replaced to prevent a future drain blockage or flooding problem.

The drain survey video footage, drain survey inspection report and drain schematic can be viewed on our london cctv drain inspection survey page.

Alternatively you can download just the drain inspection video by clicking on this link:

Off set drain, cctv drain inspection video – Greater London

CCTV Drainage inspection survey video now available online at

We’ve uploaded a cctv video of a drain inspection survey to the London City Drains website.

In this case, the surveyed drain was a earthenware/PVC construct – we found the drain to be in good condition with some silt build up.

You can download the drain survey video from the London City Drains homepage, or direct by clicking on this link:

London City Drains, drain inspection cctv survey video