London Drainage cctv survey – blocked drain due to kinked pipe

Drainage London | CCTV Drain survey footage – London Drainage Service

We’ve added a report of a recent drainage survey to the City Drains London website.

In this example we inspected a 4 inch PVC drain pipe at a house in London – the customer was suffering a blocked drain which needed immediate attention. 

London drainage inspection service

The cctv drain survey showed that the blocked drain was caused by a kinked pipe which caused water retention and flooding.

Drain repair was possible by excavating the blocked pipe, and realigning the drain to the correct angle, allowing the drain to flow freely and preventing any futher drain blockages.

You can see the full cctv drain survey footageplus the drain schematic and drainage service report by visiting the London drain inspections page on our website.

Investment Plea for London Sewers

Investment plea for London sewers

london blocked drain and sewer
Investment is urgently needed to upgrade London’s drains & sewers and reduce the threat posed by climate change and flash floods, experts have warned.

The severity and regularity of flash floods is expected to increase as more of London’s green spaces are concreted over and the population rises.

In 1859 Sir Joseph Bazalgette used 318 million bricks to create an underground grid to transfer London’s sewage to the east of the city.
It is now processed and turned into electricity at treatment works in Beckton and Crossness.
London’s unusual combined sewer system deals both with water flushed from homes and incoming rainfall from drains.

Climate change is expected to increase the regularity and severity of flash floods, placing greater demands on the system.

This will be compounded by the vanishing areas of green spaces able to soak up rainfall and a 800,000 population increase predicted by 2016.