City Drains Drain Cleaning Service in London

Most of London’s drains and drain pipes are antiquated and were built during or just after the Great Victorian period.

Drain cleaning in London
In most of these sewers, an accumulation of over one hundred years has resulted, more often than not the pipes find themselves full of scale, silt, debris and other foreign objects which restrict the flow of the drains and eventually lead to large build ups and more often than not, recurring blockages.

In most instances, unblocking London’s drains aren’t sufficient. Because the blockage is cleared, doesn’t mean that the underlying problem has been dealt with. Having to return to clear a blockage again in a few months time, or in some cases weeks or days, can be a very costly ordeal for the customer.

London City Drains highly recommends having your drain and drain pipe cleaned using one of their high pressure jet cleaning machines. In this way, restoring the sewer pipe back to its former glory and ensuring a perfect and odourless flowing drain for many years to come, as well as peace of mind.
Why not call City Drains on 0800 007 5309 to find out about their London drain cleaning services or for some free friendly advice.

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