Good Bog? Bad Bog? Public Toilets!

London City Drainage reports on toilet phobias:

Phobia of public toilets

The National Phobics Society has revealed that more than four million Brits suffer from a toilet phobia of some kind. People up and down the country are going potty with anxiety because they always need to find a stress-free place to do their business.

Problems range from a mild dislike for public loos to complete fear of leaving the house in case a suitable toilet can’t be found. People have even turned down job offers because the toilet facilities are not up to scratch.

Shy Bladder Syndrome, when people have a fear of urinating in the company of others, and bashful bowel syndrome, which is the inability to defecate in public toilets, are two of the key causes of toilet phobia.

London Drain Surveys: Drain Pipe Sewer Tracing

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Cctv drain survey and tracing London

“Pinpointing the exact location of the problem or locating a buried drain or manhole so as to deal with the problem effectively and thereby saving the customer time, stress and money”

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