The Simpsons Syndrome – advice from London City Drains

It’s funny how people seem to make the same mistake over and over and usually never learn first time round. Animals do, and we are supposed to be the logical ones?

Sometimes you come across a job which by right could be put right first time round. But its funny how, because of peoples perception of tradesmen, and I must admit, also from an economical point of view, people aren’t willing to spend that bit extra to correct a problem with a permanent solution.

Instead, they choose to call you out again and again and again for the same problem. In the end they think that you’re not doing the job correctly and choose to call somebody else who may rip them off or if they are lucky have the problem corrected once and for all by following the recommendations that you gave them to begin with.

What is the problem with this scenario?
Well let’s begin with an economical point of view.

For example: An engineer gets called to an emergency blockage. The blockage is cleared as fast as possible. The recommendation given is to have the line jet cleaned otherwise your drain will re-block in no time at all. It involves 1 extra hour of work. The customer decides not to go along with the recommendation and two months later calls you out again. Again you clear the blockage as quickly as possible and you charge the customer again as the recommendation wasn’t followed. This happens several times throughout the year. By the end of the year, the customer has paid for the same job 4 or maybe 5 times!

If they had followed your recommendation to begin with, he/she would not have had to call you out several times and they would have saved a lot of money on emergency call outs. You don’t have to be smart to work that one out.

Let us not forget also the calling out of the other contractor; I wonder how much he charged to get the job done? The same or more than if they had gone through the contractor’s original recommendation when it was first made, that’s for sure.

This brings me to the second problem scenario. And that is the false and unfair perception by the customer of the first contractor, who only tried to help by giving you the best advice to begin with and ended up being the bad guy. All because again the recommendation wasn’t followed through.

The moral of the story: London City Drains is here to help you help yourselves.
Listen to our advice and act on it, you wont regret it!

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